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Interior Fotografie
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Sometimes interior has more to it than meets the eye. It affects us and creates a certain atmosphere. We see pictures and photographs of interior, rooms or furniture every day. Correctly applied depending on the situation they can invoke sympathy and inspire. A property business, GP office, office space or an event hall – interior design gives a room an individual flair and creates a certain appearance.

Interior photography is an important area of architectural photography and its task is to emphasise the style and concinnity photographically. Its advertising effect is also not to be underestimated. Pictures of hotels, spa and health centres, party locations etc. are a good example of using architecture and interior design for advertising purposes. Stylish and atmospheric interior photos are always eye-catching and purposefully deployed in promotional brochures, catalogues, on websites and in other media.

Interior photography form eventfotograf is characterised by functional, detailed shots and scenography as well as artistic and extravagant compositions. Our equipment, lighting and field-tested skills offer limitless possibilities.