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Hold a meeting while the photographers capture the important details.

What is important at a meeting? The answer is obvious: the presence of all the participants and a plausible, satisfactory conclusion as a result of discussing all the items on the agenda. There is another significant factor which is often neglected but is still crucial, especially, when it comes to a large-scale meeting, congress or an assembly – photographic documentation.

Photographs of speakers and guests are as much a part of our documentation process as is capturing of the atmosphere. We are inconspicuous but thorough, quiet but accurate and equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Our fast aperture lenses and professional lighting guarantee high quality press photos and expressive portraits. There is two of us. For you it means that you have four additional hands that can be anywhere anytime, apart from taking pictures. Our additional service includes immediate photo editing, e.g. for use in presentations. We photograph, edit the photos on the spot and provide you with the finished product for the rest of your meeting. This way you can directly experience the first part of your meeting after the break. In case you want to have group or professional studio photos we will make it possible with our portable studio. Its entire equipment will give the venue a photo studio flair. Digital retouching and enhancement are also included in our service, and we provide you with an original and a format of your choosing.