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Preamble Manufacturing workshops, laboratories, machinery, technology, science, industry and logistics – both industrial and scientific photography are aimed to look behind the scenes of factories, institutes and research centers and to show people who create every day something new – to give a face to the industry and science. Such pictures have informative and documentary aspects and also promote the corporate image. Authentic and genuine – this is the way we want to present our customers from industry, science and production. Industry and science Industry and science are a mystery for many people. What happens behind the walls of research institutes and industrial factories? Where is the origin of the brilliant achievements and innovations, but also of the objects of everyday life? The world of the steel tubes, samples, microscopes and pipetes, the universe of microchips and the latest technology – that’s science and industry. The image of science is diverse, exciting and worth seeing at the same time. Scientific and industrial photography show the unity of innovation and everyday life, experienced work inside and outside in dizzying heights or deep underground. It helps the companies to present themselves on the websites, brochures and advertisements in authentic and genuine way. It is also important to photograph the people at work, in protective suits, with test samples, in meetings, at the machine sit and in the pipes – because all that is genuine industrial and scientific everyday life. The sample pictures were commissioned by Johannes Rau Research Group. Johannes Rau Research Group stands for interdisciplinary oriented research in North Rhine-Westphalia. It was fascinating and exciting to see behind the scenes of the research institute and to record the authentic work there. Curious as we are, we look towards the upcoming projects and contracts, in which we give rise to industrial and scientific photos depicting the industrial production, scientific experiments and research in real-time.