Image films for companies.

A positive image is profitable, a magnet for success and is undoubtedly one of the goals of an entrepreneur or a service provider. A dominant position amongst your competitors is an effect of a positive image, which also guarantees customer loyalty in the long term. There are many ways to achieve that and one of them is using image films and company videos. The function and purpose of the video can vary and be successfully implemented in internal and external communication: internally, to intensify employee’s identification with the company, and externally, for a favourable outward presentation of the company.

There is a wide range of image film topics. For instance, a company and product presentation or a presentation of the company’s history. They can also provide a visual overview of the corporate structure, corporate offices and divisions. A time-lapse makes it possible to tell a long story in a short film. Innovative products make a bigger impression if presented appealingly and professionally in 3D.

Put your company and its every nuance perfectly in the spotlight and take advantage of every media format.

We individually discuss and define the „style“ of your image film. Surely, the requests and requirements of young lifestyle and start-up companies are different from those of corporations with world-wide or Germany-wide representations. We specialise in serious portrayal with substance as well as stylish dynamic videos. Our audiovisual productions follow your vision accompanied by suitable background music to achieve your goals and to give you a film in a clear visual language – your language.